About Artist

Trushant believes in creating ‘art to feel’. As an artist, he aspires to create art that stirs the emotions of the beholder. He says that he owes a lion’s share of his success to his alma mater, Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, in Mumbai, where he studied Design and Fine Arts.
Trushant finds beauty in all living things. He often seeks inspiration from nature and her flow of energies. By combining his inherent awareness of the universal energies and unique painting techniques, Trushant creates works of art that are unparalleled in the representation of living and organic entities. He also dabbles in experimental forms of art, like airbrushing, that allow his creativity to take charge.
His creation at Mumbai’s Church Gate was designed organically with no prior preparation and it best represents how he let the independent walls and his creativity guide the resulting free forms that now adorn the Church Gate.
Trushant, in his own words, talking about his passion for airbrush art:
“From an artist’s point of view, complete liberty to experiment with form and space is very important when working with experimental art. The airbrush art in Mumbai was a great learning experience for me. I developed my own unique method of creating art with nothing but an air brush. This medium of art is the perfect expression of my creativity and gives me unlimited ability to play with colour and form.”
Trushant currently lives in Pune, Maharashtra. His creations adorn countless art galleries, commercial complexes, office and residential buildings.

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